Boom Time For Boom

Boom Time For Boom

Dec 14th 2023

2023 has been a year of record growth and rapid expansion for video conferencing manufacturer, Boom Collaboration – as it plots a multi-million-dollar pathway to become a bigger industry name.

Formed in 2020, Boom has developed a growing global footprint, spanning hardware solutions for all types of meeting rooms. The Texas-based company is headed by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett and now operates in over 30countries where revenues rose by almost 40% during the last 12 months.

A device leaves one of its four worldwide logistics hubs on average every 60 seconds of each working day.


Boom’s platform agnostic portfolio encompasses video bars, all-in-one solutions, high performance cameras plus a multi-camera mixing desk controller. Its forthcoming HALO video bar, new MAGNA Pro high performance camera, GOJO multi-camera controller and ZYGO user-friendly connectivity hub are being tipped to fire further sales success throughout 2024, alongside complete meeting room ‘in a box’ kits.

Recent distribution partnerships span the UK, France, Germany and the Baltics, as Boom continues to extend its reach across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

“It’s a fast moving industry that never stands still and we keep moving forward too,” explained Hörnkvist as he celebrated a record revenue rise of 38% compared to 2022.


Hulett highlighted: “A lot of what we’ve been focusing on over the last couple of years is introducing ourselves to the market, highlighting how we are not only a viable but an innovative and interesting partner that stands out from the crowd across all meeting spaces.

“We’ve built the business by listening to our customers and identifying what they need and what they were lacking. Being attentive and creating quick solutions. This is one of the cornerstones of who we are what we will continue to be.”

Starting the company in the middle of a global pandemic wasn’t quite planned that way, she added. “It’s not always been easy but in general we’ve been very well received and are very excited about what the future holds.”

Hörnkvist concluded: “Relationships are growing and will become even stronger. We’re now seen as a serious player in the market with a strong platform to reach new heights of success. 2024 is a massive year for us as we enter an exciting new phase of development.

“Controlled sustainable growth across all four corners of the globe is set to continue.

An expanding and dynamic team together with new product innovations underpin our aggressive growth ambitions.

“We have exciting plans and are determined to remain the friendly face of video conferencing, based on a personal touch and a passion for long lasting partnerships through the distribution channel.”


About Boom

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Austin, TX, Boom Collaboration develops conferencing and collaboration hardware solutions for a wide array of meeting environments. Boom was born by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett who have a natural love for collaboration and a strong desire to address both current and future video conferencing trends, through an agile organization that brings innovation to today’s dynamic and diverse meeting room spaces. Boom believes excellent hardware that delivers smooth video and crystal clear audio brings the world one step closer and helps customers accomplish more together in less time.