Do all Boom webcams, cameras, all-on-one devices, and audio devices come with everything in the box including all cables (USB and Power), so I can truly plug and play?+

Yes. All Boom solutions come with all necessary cables to use right out of the box including:

  • Boom MINI – attached USB cable (no powered cord required)
  • Boom MEZZO – 4K Blue USB cable (no power cord required), remote control
  • Boom MAGNA – 4K USB cable, power supply (MAGNA can be POE powered), RS232 cable, remote control, RS485 adapter
  • Boom UNO – USB cable (no powered cord required), USB cable extender
  • GIRO - Attached USB cable (no powered cord required)
  • GIRO Pro – Attached USB cable (no powered cord required), Bluetooth dongle

Do I need to download a driver or application to get my Boom webcam/camera working?+

Boom webcams, cameras, all-in-one devices and audio devices are plug and play and do not require any additional drivers to function. Once connected to y our laptop or computer open your preferred video conferencing platform and select the Boom device from the list of available options.

Is there any way to adjust the camera settings on the Boom MINI?+

The Boom solutions automatically adjust for environmental conditions including lighting (light optimization software). In such cases where the light is so bright or dark, that the image is washed out or just a shadow, the camera’s settings can be adjusted to counteract these extreme lighting conditions.

Those Boom cameras with a remote control (MEZZO, MAGNA) can be changed by pressing the menu button on the remote. This will allow the user to adjust the camera options to help correct these extreme environment conditions. Adjustments can be made using your computer’s built-in camera application.

The Boom cameras and webcams that do not have a remote (MINI, UNO), have an application that allows the user to adjust the settings in cases of extreme environment conditions.

When I select the MENU button on my MEZZO remote, the words are backwards, what can I do to adjust my MEZZO settings without having to read and select backwards?+

The menu choices appear backwards when you are connected to a video conferencing solution (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.). When you are on one of these solutions, you video camera is presenting to the attendees of the video conference (not to you). In this case, your menu choices will be seen backwards by yourself, but forwards by your attendees. To be able to see the menu choices and adjust your Boom camera, prior to your meeting open the camera app on your computer and select the camera that you want to adjust. Press the menu button and the menu choices will appear for simple adjusting.

Note: If the camera you want to change is in use, the camera app will not be able to “access” it. Exit all video conferencing solutions to access the camera and change settings.

I just changed the settings on my Boom webcam/camera and I don’t like how the picture looks. How can I return the settings back to the factory default?+

If your Boom camera can be controlled using a remote, open your computer’s camera app (if applicable), select the camera that you want to return to default settings, and select: Default Settings. The camera will return all settings back to the default settings and restart.

Note: Make note of each setting before making any changes for easy adjusting as needed.