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Work From Home

Today, 55% of businesses globally have work from home policies with this number growing as businesses embraces the post pandemic world. In addition, 30% of all employees are full-time remote workers, while 62% work from home occasionally. The right equipment can boost productivity while saving corporations money.


Huddle Rooms

 Studies indicate there are over 33 million huddle rooms globally and less than 3% are video enabled.  As the post pandemic design of huddle rooms change, the usage of huddle rooms will increase. Huddle room meetings enabled with video are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. The right equipment is crucial to the new design and increased usage of these huddle rooms.

Conference Rooms

There are over 50 million conference rooms worldwide and millions of video conference meetings happen each day, with the United States alone having over 11 million per day. Having the right equipment to maximize the benefit of a video conference meeting is very important drive productivity.